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Center of Excellence experts have took key roles in the fight against coronaviruses

Published on: 4. May 2020.

The Center of Excellence for Virus Immunology and Vaccines, consisting of 3 partner organizations: the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, the Center for research and knowledge transfer in biotechnology, University of Zagreb, and the Clinic for infectious diseases  “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic” have been taking a key role against the coronavirus pandemic, either by carrying out diagnostic procedures or by participating in the national civil protection headquarters to implement effective measures for protection and prevention of further spread of the virus.

Within a very short period of time since the virus began to spread, a team at the Scientific Research Unit of the Clinic for infectious diseases  “Dr. Fran Mihljavic” reorganized themselves within a record time into a coronavirus diagnostic unit headed by biologist dr. sc. Ivan-Christian Kurolt. Around 200 samples were processed daily, giving a total of 6,500 diagnosis so far. It takes about 4-6 hours to process one sample, and sometimes this time is extended due to the pressure. The Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, department of the Center for Proteomics, also took part in the diagnostics to help the Clinic.

Ultimately, the National Civil Protection Headquarters could not select a better and more professional person unto its membership by selecting prof. dr. Alemka Markotic, who advocated that all the information presented should be based in science.