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Have we defeated corona virus?

Published on: 5. May 2020.

Today experts agree that vaccines are the only real long-term solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only when they arrive will we be able to relax more seriously.

Virologist Vanda Juranic Lisnic from the University of Rijeka says that dozens of companies are working on developing vaccines in the world today.

“It would certainly be easier for us if R&D for SARS were completed, but we can also draw some useful information from this experience,” says Vanda.

“I am optimistic because, although the virus is new, virology and vaccination are not new sciences and in the past decades there have been heavily investing in them, yet there is a knowledge base on which to base our strategies. I think it’s good that there are many different vaccine strategies – from those that try to induce antibody-mediated humoral immunity to those that induce cellular, “she explains.

However, it should be kept in mind that flu vaccines are being discovered faster because their viruses are already well known and have a methodology and technology in place to develop them.

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