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How effective will the vaccine for corona virus be and will it be safe?

Published on: 4. May 2020.

N1 Television show “New Day” hosted a scientist dr. sc. Beata Halassy from the University of Zagreb, Center for research and knowledge transfer  in Biotechnology.

One of the things that interests many is whether rapidly developed vaccines may have dangerous reactions. We do not yet know enough about coronavirus, but Oxford scientists plan to produce one million doses of vaccine by September. Should we be concerned?

“The thing is, new vaccines are being developed based on platforms that have been developed so far for many other viral diseases, such as influenza or Ebola. Therefore, it is possible that they are close to human testing. Vaccines are intended for a healthy population and therefore the strictest regulation is required for this type of medicine. What will be approved will certainly be very rigorous and well tested,” Halassy said.

But does it make us completely immune?

The scientist was asked if a vaccine for one type of virus could interfere with the response of our immunity as a whole, and if the virus behaves like a flu, does that mean that a new vaccine will come in every season?

It’s not one hundred percent effective

“The vaccine, like other medicine, is not 100% effective for all of us because we are different. But it must be effective for the vast majority of people. The coronavirus is not really known enough yet, but it is almost certain that the vaccine will be able to develop because people get over the sickness.

We have the best vaccines for those diseases that people can fight on their own. Then, by mimicking what happens during illness, we achieve that people develop immunity without getting sick. The vaccine is developed so that it does not cause the disease but an immune response to the virus if we meet it again,” she concluded.

You can follow the broadcast on N1 television here