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Project worth 5 million EUR approved for funding

Published on: 29. September 2017.

Project submitted by the Center of Excellence for Virus Immunology and Vaccines got approved for funding. A project is worth 37.716.072,15 HRK and will be funded entirely from the public funds of the European Regional Development Fund. The project titled “Strengthening the capacity of CerVirVac for research in virus immunology and vaccinology” aims to upgrade research capacities and sustainability of the Scientific Center of Excellence for carrying out border research and to empower the scientific staff in the field of viral immunology and vaccinology. The project will result in discoveries of new viral genes and their role in viral pathogenesis, development of vaccines, vaccine vectors and other biological products, such as monoclonal antibodies against different pathogens and tumours. Moreover, the project will bring the research results closer to the biomedical and biopharmaceutical market and encourage the formation of new biotechnology ventures. Importantly, the project activities will improve the competences of young scientists for research, teaching, grant applications to the most competitive calls as well as technology transfer.

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