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Science answers: About the Corona virus, protection and vaccine

Published on: 4. May 2020.

Experts from the Center of Excellence for Virus Immunology and Vaccines  assistant dr. Ilija Brizic and assistant dr. Vanda Juranic Lisnic give the media some answers about the characteristics of the Corona virus, the vaccine, why the older population falls under the risk group and whether the masks really protect against infection. You can read more about it in the links below:

In 24 sata: about Corona virus and its mutations, about false negative tests, do masks and handwashing help?, what makes a virus dangerous and deadly? and on many more dr. Ilija Brizic gives answers. 

Are the masks useful or useless?“, “Why is COVID-19 fatal for the elderly?” and what you need to know about the virus before making the vaccine, the answers are provided by dr. Vanda Juranic Lisnic.